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Digitizing and democratizing renewable energy

About Us

Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies (SBT) has developed a solution to record the electricity generation data gathered directly from the smart meters of renewable energy projects worldwide in REAL-TIME, immutably on the Blockchain and the solution enables the issuance of ‘Reneum’ tokens, representing proof of 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy generated by the producers of renewable energy, with total transparency and integrity. These tokens can be bought by existing and prospective buyers of renewable energy, thus bridging the gap between buyers and sellers (producers), as well as supporters and investors.

SBT’s Renuem tokens will be issued free to generators of renewable energy worldwide in order to digitize, standardize and democratize the global market for renewable energy credits.

The Problem

  • More than 100 countries don’t have the laws and regulation to issue renewable energy or green certificates;
  • Even in countries that do issue renewable energy or green certificates, there is a lack of uniformity, consistency and transparency (for example, not all renewable energy sources may be covered);
  • Issuing and selling such certificates/credits involves multiple complex processes;
  • Current systems are open to fraud or data manipulation;

SBT will provide ‘consumers of electricity’ with the ability to support the generation of green energy, and provide the ‘generators of renewable energy’ additional income streams to help them unlock the full value of their environmental attributes.

White Paper

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Announcements coming soon

Contact Info

Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies Ptw Ltd, 80 Anson Road #28-02, Fuji Xerox Towers, Singapore 079907

Phone: +65 6732 8897